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Protecting Your Data From Ransomware

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Published 07/06/2017

On a certain aesthetic level, you have to admire ransomware attacks. At first glance they seem like just another headache under the broad category of “cybersecurity risk”—but nothing could be further from the truth. Ransomware is fundamentally different from run-of-the-mill threats like network penetration attacks or phishing scams to get the CEO to email employees’ personal data. Foremost, nothing gets “stolen” in the traditional sense of the word—which can mean, under a strict reading of the law, that ransomware attacks don’t need to be disclosed. That crucial distinction has big implications for your internal controls and third-party oversight so that your firm doesn’t fall into ransomware’s trap. Let’s take a look. First, ransomware doesn’t necessarily trigger a duty to disclose,…

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Hidden Cost of Cyberattacks: What Automation Can Do to Save You Money

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Published 06/27/2017

In 2016, Deloitte published its white paper on the hidden cost of cyberattacks. The firm reported that of the fourteen “impact factors,” some are obvious while others are less so. Cyberattacks are not simply single moments in time. Their life cycles can take months or years to come to an end. The incident response lifecycle starts with the reactive phase of incident triage and occurs in the days or weeks following an attack’s discovery. This means contacting those impacted and getting the business back online. The second step, impact management, involves finding ways to fix any problems that led to the breach, or to adjust internal processes. Finally, the business recovery phase includes rebuilding or redesigning assets to help rebuild…