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Top 5 Predictions for InfoSec GRC in 2020

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Published 01/08/2020

January 1 ushers in a new year, a new decade, and new challenges—as well as new dimensions and re-ordering of existing challenges.  Reciprocity’s Team of GRC Experts share likely developments, trends to watch out for, and how your organization can navigate Information Security Risk, & Compliance in 2020.  With foresight, an organization can proactively take steps to address the challenges of the future. Our expert panel explores what’s coming: 1. Risk-based, Layered Approaches Eclipse One-dimensional Efforts “Risk Management and Risk Assurance will overshadow other approaches to GRC as organizations satisfy operational needs”  – Gerard Scheitlin, Founder of RISQ Management “While the requirements on information security, privacy, and compliance will only continue to expand and tighten, organizations are realizing that it…

Super Bowl Security: How Information Security Impacts The Big Game

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Published 02/03/2017

Sitting back in your favorite recliner, a plate of nachos, a drink in one hand, and your cell phone in the other, open your smart home apps, adjust the lights, turn on the surround sound speakers, and settle in to watch the Super Bowl. The heat is jacked up (or the air conditioning turned on) to match the weather in Houston. You may not have been able to score tickets to NGR Stadium for Super Bowl LI, but you’ve made your smart home feel like a small football stadium. What you may not know is that your smart home shares the same information security concerns as that stadium, just on a smaller level. Smart Home Information Security Issues The primary…

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