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Security and Compliance: Steps to Activate Your Wonder Twin Powers

Written by - January 24, 2018

Security and compliance are the Wonder Twins of information security, needing each other for their powers to activate and protect you from threats.

Infosec Standards and Regulations: A Primer Sorting Compliance By Hogwarts House

Written by - May 23, 2017
infosec standards and regulations

Infoc standards and regulations being sorted into Hogwarts houses seems silly, but it helps organize the way we think of them.

ILOVEYOU Not H1N1: InfoSec as Business Continuity

Written by - December 14, 2016

Information security and business continuity increasingly commingle. Traditionally, business continuity planning focused on natural occurrences such hurricanes, H1N1, and freak ice storms. However, corporations utilizing information technology or cloud services recognize that internet threats constitute a greater danger to their current business operations than nature. With this in mind, business continuity plans need to change to reflect this. The SANS Institute noted in its 2002 whitepaper that there were five alternative options for business continuity: Mutual Backup Two organizations with similar system configuration agreeing to serve as a backup site to each other. Hot Site A site with hardware, software and network installed and compatible to production site. Remote Journaling Online transmission of transaction data to backup system periodically (normally…