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What Is A Compliance Managers Role?

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Published 02/27/2018

Compliance managers act as the C-3POs of the compliance landscape. Similar to C-3PO monitoring etiquette and protocol, compliance managers maintain a company’s legal and ethical integrity through policy planning and enforcement. What is a compliance manager? Your compliance manager, often referred to as a compliance officer, ensures your organization remains within the strict boundaries of regulatory requirements and meets all official standards governing your business. In the same way that C-3PO continually monitored protocols for the Rebellion, your compliance manager oversees all of your risk management activities. What is Compliance? Compliance means following orders and directives. In supporting these directives, compliance managers fulfill five essential functions. After identifying business risks, they design and implement controls as part of your compliance…

Better Than Yoda: CIOs, GRC Tools, Principled Performance

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Published 12/22/2016

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. – Yoda To be a true GRC Yoda, an organization must enact a principled performance based program using knowledge as a defense. However, any good Star Wars fan knows that learning how to use The Force is more important than The Force itself. Yoda, the knowledge-based expert, guided his Padawans to defending the galaxy through knowledge. In the same way, an organization’s CIO can protect a company using the GRC Principled Performance approach. What is Principled Performance? Principled performance is defined as “reliable achievement of objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.” This means that for an organization to succeed, it must find ways of consistently evaluating unknowns. These…