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How Can RMIS Support Risk Management?

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Published 07/10/2018

A risk management information system (RMIS) allows you to automate many of the difficult to organize tasks involved in compiling, storing, and communicating risk information.

What is Risk Management in Project Management?

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Published 03/29/2018

At first glance, project management and enterprise risk management have few similarities. Project management focuses on creating something new while enterprise risk management focuses on ending an existing threat. In reality, the two parallel one another which is why both can use agile processes to create stronger, more efficiently obtained outcomes. What is Risk Management on Projects What is Project Management? Project management incorporates the varied activities to bring projects from the idea stage through to finalized development. These activities include the project or phase initiation, timetable creation, information distribution, change and adjustment observation, and data compilation at project completion. What Skills Does a Project Manager Need? Since the project manager implements the strategies, the individual must possess both strong…

What Is A Compliance Managers Role?

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Published 02/27/2018

Compliance managers act as the C-3POs of the compliance landscape. Similar to C-3PO monitoring etiquette and protocol, compliance managers maintain a company’s legal and ethical integrity through policy planning and enforcement. What is a compliance manager? Your compliance manager, often referred to as a compliance officer, ensures your organization remains within the strict boundaries of regulatory requirements and meets all official standards governing your business. In the same way that C-3PO continually monitored protocols for the Rebellion, your compliance manager oversees all of your risk management activities. What is Compliance? Compliance means following orders and directives. In supporting these directives, compliance managers fulfill five essential functions. After identifying business risks, they design and implement controls as part of your compliance…

Why Buying SaaS GRC Software Is a Smart Investment

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Published 07/27/2017

Why Buying SaaS GRC Software Is a Smart Investment   Cloud versus on premise GRC software: a CIO’s dilemma? Well, maybe, and maybe not. Cloud based software solutions or cloud based computing is provides the CIO, CISO, CEO, CFO, and director an agile business process. IDG in its 2014 study shows that 69% of enterprises had applications and infrastructure running in the cloud. Looking at such statistics, you are forgiven for thinking that everyone is moving to the cloud: after all, if something is in the cloud it is better, right? The truth is there are those who are sticking to on premise software. In as much as this on premise vs. cloud debate is raging, I would like to…

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Hidden Cost of Cyberattacks: What Automation Can Do to Save You Money

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Published 06/27/2017

In 2016, Deloitte published its white paper on the hidden cost of cyberattacks. The firm reported that of the fourteen “impact factors,” some are obvious while others are less so. Cyberattacks are not simply single moments in time. Their life cycles can take months or years to come to an end. The incident response lifecycle starts with the reactive phase of incident triage and occurs in the days or weeks following an attack’s discovery. This means contacting those impacted and getting the business back online. The second step, impact management, involves finding ways to fix any problems that led to the breach, or to adjust internal processes. Finally, the business recovery phase includes rebuilding or redesigning assets to help rebuild…