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Cloud Security Compliance: 11 Steps on the Stairway to Cloud Services Heaven

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Published 06/08/2017

With cloud services providing scalability and flexibility in the workplace, more organizations are turning to cloud based solutions making cloud security compliance more important.  However, the steps to cloud security compliance can feel amorphous in the constantly evolving information security environment. Protecting your business information assets means taking steps to review not only the cloud services provider but also the way in which your organization plans to engage with the provider’s service. 11 Steps to Cloud Security Compliance 1. Assess the Risk of the Information Shared to the Cloud Assessing risk lies at the heart of cloud security compliance. Before deciding to use a cloud service, your organization should determine the types of information that it intends to store remotely.…

Staying Compliant in the Cloud Without a Cybersecurity Attorney

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Published 02/11/2016

This post was originally published on CloudExpo by Brad Thies. Cybersecurity is a complex field, and with laws varying across states and countries, keeping cloud usage compliant can become a real headache for enterprise security decision-makers. As regulations continue to lag behind the rapid pace of technological advancements, many IT security professionals turn to the expertise of cybersecurity lawyers, who not only understand the ambiguities of the law, but are also able to secure and protect their employers’ interests in the case of a breach. When Is a Cybersecurity Attorney Needed? There are times when cybersecurity lawyers are essential. Given recent developments such as Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency leaks, the exponential growth of the Internet of Things, and the throwing…

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground With Data in the Cloud

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Published 11/16/2015

This post was originally published on business.com. The “cloud” is a popular marketing buzzword in business today. Despite the fervor surrounding it, many are still uncertain about what this term actually means. With current reports indicating 88 percent of companies are using public cloud services—and 63 percent are using private cloud services—business leaders should understand how the cloud functions and also how their organizations’ sensitive information will be secured and managed. Know the Risks Source: Right Scale A recent survey shows 93 percent of enterprise-level businesses are using CSPs (cloud service providers) in 2015, but 68 percent of those run less than a fifth of their application portfolios in the cloud. Big businesses are obviously interested in the cloud, so why are many of them keeping…

Compliance as a Service: A Buzzword or a New Trend in Business?

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Published 10/21/2015

This post was originally published on ITProPortal.  With nearly half of all businesses experiencing data breaches in 2014 alone, it’s almost like they’ve become a regular part of doing business. But when serious legal and reputation ramifications accompany a business’s failure to protect sensitive information, preventing them becomes a lot more important. Still, this doesn’t rectify the fact that companies continuously struggle to handle regulatory compliance in-house — nearly 80 per cent of businesses fail their interim Payment Card Industry compliance assessments. And when cloud service providers started to pick up on this need, a new trend was born: “compliance as a service.” But it’s important to remember that when you hand over information and processing to another company, you’re outsourcing…

Improve Security and Compliance with SAML

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Published 08/12/2015

If your business operates with cloud-based applications, chances are you have heard of SAML. Despite being around since 2002, SAML is just now becoming a buzzword in the cloud security space. As businesses look to protect their data in the cloud, many are scrambling to understand what security benefits SAML has to offer them. What is SAML and why is it vital for your compliance objectives going forward? Hopefully over the next few paragraphs we can answer these questions for you. What Is SAML? SAML, or Security Assertion Markup Language, is a platform-neutral standard that allows for the secure transfer of information over the cloud through the integration of disparate security systems. One of the most important features offered by…

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The Changing Risk Management Landscape

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Published 07/06/2015

This post was originally published on TechSling. Security breaches in every industry are all over the news these days, and companies are becoming more mindful of the need for compliance and risk management. As a result, they’re putting their cloud service providers under a microscope. But the business world is changing. The fixed cost model is fading as subscription-based services thrive. Speed and system availability are necessary to a successful business, and these qualities take precedence over fancy, complex features. Customers are evolving as well. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, shut down a teenager’s Twitter handle for a few minutes. The teenager of the ’90s was OK with waiting an hour for a song to download on…

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Selecting the Right Service Organization Control Report for Outsourced Operations

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Published 04/27/2015

This post was originally published on BusinessTips.com. Joe from the marketing department could lose his documents if your outsourced infrastructure isn’t secure. That might not seem like the end of the world (unless you’re Joe), but if a bank’s website goes down, the bank loses money. To help protect you from this situation, the American Institute of CPAs established Service Organization Control reports. While addressing these requirements can be tedious, these reports ensure that service organizations are keeping a close eye on businesses’ information. These reports provide a standardized way to evaluate and report on internal controls at service organizations. But understanding which SOC report is best for your business can be complicated if you’re not fully informed. Increased Outsourcing…

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