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Security and Compliance: Steps to Activate Your Wonder Twin Powers

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Security and compliance are the Wonder Twins of information security, needing each other for their powers to activate and protect you from threats.

Cloud Security Compliance: 11 Steps on the Stairway to Cloud Services Heaven

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cloud security vs traditional IT security

With cloud services providing scalability and flexibility in the workplace, more organizations are turning to cloud based solutions making cloud security compliance more important.  However, the steps to cloud security compliance can feel amorphous in the constantly evolving information security environment. Protecting your business information assets means taking steps to review not only the cloud services provider but also the way in which your organization plans to engage with the provider’s service. 11 Steps to Cloud Security Compliance 1. Assess the Risk of the Information Shared to the Cloud Assessing risk lies at the heart of cloud security compliance. Before deciding to use a cloud service, your organization should determine the types of information that it intends to store remotely.…

Compliance Could Be Your Selling Point

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How to Leverage Compliance

This post was originally published on SmartDataCollective. Compliance is a relative term, as every industry has its own rules and regulations. Healthcare has the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, banking has the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and retail has the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These rules are meant to protect the interests of consumers, but staying compliant is often expensive for businesses, and regulators struggle to strike the right balance between costs and benefits. The complexity of these regulations presents a challenge to cloud service providers. As more and more businesses and industries move data to the cloud, CSPs must be well-versed in their customers’ particular compliance requirements. Compliance Is Essential For most…

The Rise of GRC is caused by the Rise of the Cloud

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rise of GRC

The new generation of companies (like Twitter and Uber) go from zero dollars to billions in five years, not 50. Enterprise software startups land bigger deals, faster, because they are more agile than 20 years ago, and they deliver their offerings via the cloud.  All of them are getting hit with risk and compliance issues much earlier in the life of their companies.  Why? 20 years ago, when a vendor sold software, they would give the customer a CD, and nobody cared about the vendor’s internal house.  Things were easy, nobody cared much about compliance. But 10-15 years ago the cloud started to rise.  The world shifted to subscription models and logins, and suddenly enterprise customers started to care about…

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