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Business Continuity Checklist for Planning and Implementation

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Published 12/31/2019

Having a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP) in place will help ensure that your business doesn’t suffer any downtime in the event of a disaster, which may include natural disasters, such as floods, fire, weather-related events, and cyberattacks. If you’re not prepared, these disasters can have catastrophic consequences on your business, including loss of productivity, loss of revenue, as well as damage to your reputation and your relationships with your customers. A business continuity plan describes all the risks that can affect normal operations. Business continuity planning is important because it helps ensure that your employees and your assets are protected and your company can continue operating no matter what disasters you may face. However, a BCP is different than a disaster recovery plan, which centers around the recovery of your IT…

ILOVEYOU Not H1N1: InfoSec as Business Continuity

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Published 12/14/2016

Information security and business continuity increasingly commingle. Traditionally, business continuity planning focused on natural occurrences such hurricanes, H1N1, and freak ice storms. However, corporations utilizing information technology or cloud services recognize that internet threats constitute a greater danger to their current business operations than nature. With this in mind, business continuity plans need to change to reflect this. The SANS Institute noted in its 2002 whitepaper that there were five alternative options for business continuity: Mutual Backup Two organizations with similar system configuration agreeing to serve as a backup site to each other. Hot Site A site with hardware, software and network installed and compatible to production site. Remote Journaling Online transmission of transaction data to backup system periodically (normally…