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Chained Down by Compliance Burden - ZenGRC Can Help

Chained Down by Compliance Burdens?

ZenGRC is the first user-friendly SaaS GRC software tool that makes it easy pass your next compliance audits.

Request a demo to see why companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Omaha Health switched to Reciprocity's SaaS GRC solution.

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Why Reciprocity's SaaS GRC software tool?

Governance, Risk, and Compliance is all about keeping the company’s internal house in order.

Because of constant changes in the regulatory and IT landscapes, handling SaaS GRC tools has become infinitely more important to customers as they manage their own compliance and that of their suppliers. Without fast access to proofs of compliance and demonstrated risk management processes, closing big deals becomes more difficult and your company will lose to the competition that pass better inspection by customers.


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No matter who you are, what your title is, or where you work, ZenGRC can make your life easier

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Internal Audit

Information Security

You’re responsible for ensuring your company’s compliance posture, without getting in the way of the business.

With ZenGRC you can easily leverage work across compliance initiatives, test controls once and use evidence multiple times. You can also run audits and automate routine compliance tasks using ZenGRC.

You need to collect evidence to support your audit efforts, but don’t want to send out and follow up on hundreds of email requests. ZenGRC’s audit functionality automates the process, so you can focus on reviewing artifacts and assessing controls.

You’ve got a sprawling enterprise to manage and never have enough resources.

ZenGRC lets you reuse work from one framework to achieve compliance in another.

Dashboards help you track the completion status of your InfoSec compliance programs, and prioritize your efforts when new requirements or frameworks are added.


Analyst / Engineer


Your GRC tool needs help your team prioritize and respond to major risks or changes in business.

ZenGRC saves your team time, reduces risk of errors, and delivers dashboards to support your decision making process.

Your GRC tool needs to transform multiple complex overlapping compliance frameworks into a clear, achievable set of objectives.

ZenGRC charts your progress towards completing your compliance initiatives, and shows how that existing work can be extend to meet future compliance needs.

ZenGRC helps automate the repetitive portions of compliance, so you can focus on keeping your business safe.

Your GRC tool must simplify the process of creating test plans, gathering evidence, and delivering an opinion.

For both internal and external audits, ZenGRC makes your life easier with straightforward and flexible audit functionality.

Growing Company

Large Company

Not-for-profit / University

You need to achieve some compliance objectives due to customer or business requirements (such as a SOC 2 audit). No need to worry!

ZenGRC’s Seed Content and Common Controls exist to make your introduction to terms like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FedRAMP as simple as possible, plus Reciprocity’s team of GRC Experts will offer implementation guidance drawn from decades of consulting experience.

You have several compliance programs spread across multiple organizations or business units and don’t want to duplicate efforts across departments.

ZenGRC’s Consolidated Objectives and easy-to-use mapping let you identify controls which support multiple compliance program requirements.

Plus, Reciprocity’s team of GRC Experts provide you with practical guidance on leveraging your existing compliance control sets to meet complimentary objectives in other frameworks.

You have a large number of compliance requirements, but a not-so-large budget to tackle them.

ZenGRC makes it simple to design controls and processes that help you meet requirements in a cost-effective manner.

ZenGRC’s mapping demonstrates how one control helps you achieve multiple compliance objectives. Pre-loaded Seed Content contains up-to-date compliance requirements from the most common InfoSec frameworks, and is included as part of your license.


Getting Ready for an Audit

Just Starting Off

You’ve got one or more certifications for your compliance programs, but using spreadsheets is just not cost effective.

ZenGRC offers a simplified approach to management with Consolidated Objectives that provide you with analysis of the commonality among your compliance programs.

ZenGRC lets you streamline the number of controls required to meet your compliance requirements, which translates to increased efficiency and better utilization of your compliance resources.

You have controls, but you need a better way to manage the information related to your compliance program.

ZenGRC makes it easy to identify your compliance objectives, and document the controls you’ve put in place to meet those objectives.

From this System of Record, ZenGRC’s audit module makes it simple to conduct an audit or request evidence from your control owners, which can be provided to your auditors in response to their information needs.

You need help standing up a compliance program, and we’re here to help!

Reciprocity’s Seed Content makes available to you requirements from the most popular InfoSec programs such as SOC 2, HIPAA, NIST, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS, and many more.

If you need to develop controls, our set of Common Controls can be quickly tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your compliance quickly.

And if you’re not even sure where to start, Reciprocity’s team of GRC Experts have decades of combined experience on offer!

ZenGRC enabled us to start demonstrating and tracking ongoing compliance in a matter of days.

Biren Patel

Sr. Information Security Analyst, ThousandEyes

"Streamlining issue management"

ZenGRC enabled us to start demonstrating and tracking ongoing compliance in a matter of days.

Gemma Bookless

Compliance Quality Assurance Specialist, Airbnb

"Great compliance tool"

Before ZenGRC, we used spreadsheets and emails to manage our audits. After using ZenGRC, I'll never go back. Their Customer Success team is amazing. They go above and beyond to make sure that we're well taken care of.

Dave Zmeyr

IT Security Manager, Access Corp

"Audit Management Made Easy"

ZenGRC has been a great help for managing our assessments. The system is flexible, easy to use and constantly improving with regular updates.

David Kidd

VP of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Peak 10, Inc.

ZenGRC is the first user-friendly GRC software that makes compliance easy for today’s nimble enterprises.

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