Rethink Compliance

ZenGRC helps innovative companies stay innovative.

For many companies, compliance is the enemy of innovation. They spend valuable time and resources struggling with a compliance burden that is growing in both complexity and size, using a disjointed combination of spreadsheets, emails, documents, and manual processes. But there is an alternative . . . ZenGRC can turn compliance into a competitive weapon that supports innovation rather than stifling it.

Get Compliant. Win Deals.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance is all about keeping the company's internal house in order. Because of constant changes in the regulatory and IT landscapes, handling GRC correctly has become infinitely more important to customers as they manage their own compliance and that of their suppliers. Without fast access to proofs of compliance and demonstrated risk management processes, closing big deals becomes more difficult and your company will lose to the competition that pass better inspection by customers.

Cloud-based ZenGRC, helps compliance and audit managers get beyond spreadsheets to execute their programs more maturely.

ZenGRC gives innovative managers an easy-to-use compliance solution to keep up with fast paced business changes, and enables the rest of the company to grow and compete in today's markets.

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