ISO Framework and ISO Compliance

ISO Regulations handled by ZenGRC

The ISO/IEC 27000 standards focus on securing information assets. 27001 establishes the core of compliance by defining the requirements of an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS applies a risk management principles to the people, processes, and IT systems that manage sensitive information.

Conformity to ISO 27001 requires an understanding of the organization’s context, needs, and stakeholders when evaluating  its information security scope. Leadership needs to be committed to planning and supporting the operations of the ISMS by ensuring resources. To ensure that the risk treatment meets the risk assessment, ISO 27001 requires ongoing monitoring, measurement, and management review.

Finite resources challenge the capabilities of auditors to control testing and Directors to track compliance. These limited resources often lead to reliance on spreadsheets that seems cost efficient. These spreadsheets can become overwhelming when a small IT staff has to deal with managing repetitive tasks and constant emails to obtain information across the wide ranging ISO landscape. Auditors cannot manage testing in the spreadsheets leading to CISOs having little visibility into the compliance posture. All of this leads to a communication breakdown with Directors regarding needed infrastructure changes. Automation allows stakeholders to negotiate the ISO 27001 ISMS requirements against the ISO 27002 control objectives to create a transparent compliance profile.


Why manage ISO with ZenGRC?

ISO compliance is all about keeping the company’s internal house in order.

Because of constant changes in the regulatory and IT landscapes, handling a ISO audit correctly has become infinitely more important to customers as they manage their own compliance and that of their suppliers. Without fast access to proofs of compliance and demonstrated risk management processes, closing big deals becomes more difficult and your company will lose to the competition that pass better inspection by customers.