HIPAA Framework and HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Regulations handled by ZenGRC

Increased regulatory attention to HIPAA puts the pressure on companies to strengthen their HIPAA compliance programs. And across multiple business sectors, HIPAA compliance can provide different management levels with their own unique problems. Auditors struggle with awareness requirements which can often lead to communication problems with Directors who may struggle with the compliance scope.

ZenGRC helps companies remove these pressures by turning compliance management into an asset. Our intuitive and robust GRC tool streamlines the HIPAA audit process and gives compliance teams the chance to manage their work in less reactive way.


Why manage HIPAA with ZenGRC?

HIPAA compliance is all about keeping the company’s internal house in order.

Because of constant changes in the regulatory and IT landscapes, handling a HIPAA audit correctly has become infinitely more important to customers as they manage their own compliance and that of their suppliers. Without fast access to proofs of compliance and demonstrated risk management processes, closing big deals becomes more difficult and your company will lose to the competition that pass better inspection by customers.