COSO Framework & COSO Compliance

COSO Regulations handled by ZenGRCRisk management teams need solutions that share information about internal controls with their internal auditors, external auditors, and Directors.

In 2004, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) established the COSO Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework. In 2013, the COSO internal control framework was updated manage the ways that companies established effective internal control systems as financial reporting methods changed.

The AICPA set standards for control activities to meet the compliance requirement of the internal control framework in an effort to increase fraud deterrence.

As the frequency of communication increases, the demand for efficiency rises as well. Because of constant changes in the regulatory and IT landscapes, handling a COSO audit correctly has become essential for any CISOs and their teams to be effective.

Why manage COSO with ZenGRC?

Pre-populated content and an intuitive single source of truth save you precious time, headache, and bandwidth.

Despite appearing inexpensive, spreadsheets cost organizations lots of time, money and hassle. ZenGRC can help you remove the headache you're having trying to manage COSO with control framework requirements on spreadsheets by giving you access to the information you need to meet you compliance responsibilities in a cost-effective way. No more version control issues, errors, duplicative content, or tracking down your colleagues to complete a task or an audit. With pre-loaded content and a system of record that's easy to use, automating your tasks and getting visibility into the status of your COSO audit can all easily be accomplished with ZenGRC.