Workflow Management

Simple to collaborate. Incredibly efficient.

Staying secure and compliant is becoming harder for companies to maintain. The regulatory landscape is changing, vendors get compromised, and new threats regularly emerge. Spreadsheets and email can’t meet the demands of your business. ZenGRC is a modern, easy to use solution that allows you to handle today’s challenges.

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We used to spend a ton of time sending emails to manage issue tracking and resolution for audits. ZenGRC makes tracking issues incredibly simple.
Gemma Bookless, Compliance Quality Specialist, Airbnb

Get into the flow.

ZenGRC’s workflow management features create order out of chaos. “Single source of truth” dashboards show where your organization fails to comply and how to fill those gaps in order of urgency and severity. Task management allows you and your managers to assign and tag each task, and effortlessly track progress to completion.

Our simple and intuitive interface gives you the global view you need to effectively manage your compliance program. You can see completed tasks, open items with progress toward completion, reviewer hierarchies and status, pending deadlines, as well as supporting documentation. It’s all at your fingertips and readily accessible.

Plus, continuous monitoring provides you with up-to-the-moment information. Reports are updated in real-time so you have the information you need when you need it.

Task Prioritization

Use our enhanced workflows to know what to do, and when, to reduce vulnerabilities and thwart cybercrime.

Workflow Tagging

Delegate risk-management tasks and stay apprised at all times of their progress and completion.

Unified Control Management

Enables management across multiple compliance frameworks.

Intuitive User Interface

Allows immediate uploading of frameworks, objectives, and controls, as well as assignment of remediation tasks.

Centralized Dashboard

Provides access to actionable KPIs that help determine the health of a company’s compliance and IT infosec programs.

Audit Trail

Documents remediation step-by-step to support audits immediately, with no service interruption.

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"We used to spend a ton of time sending emails to manage issue tracking and resolution for audits. ZenGRC makes tracking issues incredibly simple."

Gemma Bookless, Compliance Quality Specialist, Airbnb

"Best Governance, Risk and Compliance tool on the market"

William Dougherty, VP IT & Security, Omada Health, Inc.

"ZenGRC has been a great help for managing our assessments. The system is flexible, easy to use and constantly improving with regular updates."

David Kidd, VP of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Peak 10

Before ZenGRC, we used spreadsheets and emails to manage our audits. After using ZenGRC, I'll never go back. Their Customer Success team is amazing.

Dave Zmeyr, IT Security Manager, Access Corp

"ZenGRC enabled us to start demonstrating and tracking ongoing compliance in a matter of days."

Biren Patel - Sr. Information Security Analyst, ThousandEyes