Risk Management

Find Zen when it comes to risk

Risks to your enterprise multiply not just daily, but every moment. Why are you still using spreadsheets and yearly audits to track and mitigate them? It’s time to evolve your approach with ZenGRC.

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We used to spend a ton of time sending emails to manage issue tracking and resolution for audits. ZenGRC makes tracking issues incredibly simple.
Gemma Bookless, Compliance Quality Specialist, Airbnb

Set yourself free with Zen

ZenGRC’s continuous monitoring software saves you time and money while giving you the insight you need to ensure you’re compliant with industry and government regulations. Out of the box features include:

  • Always-on, real-time visibility into your risk and compliance posture
  • Prioritized checklists to identify and remediate gaps
  • “Single source of truth” dashboards for at-a-glance insights
  • Unlimited control audits
  • Intuitive workflow and task management
  • Stakeholder notifications of posture and milestone progress
  • And much more

With ZenGRC continuously monitoring the regulatory control landscape, you can focus on more immediate threats. Liberated from the tyranny of spreadsheets, your business can rise above the risks.

Continuous Monitoring

Gain always-on, real-time visibility into your compliance posture.

Real-time Visibility

Shows up-to-the-moment compliance and risk posture, helping CISOs assign remedial tasks to prevent breaches.

Single Source of Truth

View risk “hot spots” on our “single source of truth” dashboard.

Unlimited Audits

Easily assess and determine the acceptability of risk controls. Gather evidence for internal and external auditors anytime with just a few clicks.

Complete Transparency

Notify stakeholders of the risks to the enterprise and your team’s progress toward mitigating them.

Centralized Dashboard

Provides access to decision-making KPIs that help determine the health of a company’s compliance and IT infosec programs.

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"We used to spend a ton of time sending emails to manage issue tracking and resolution for audits. ZenGRC makes tracking issues incredibly simple."

Gemma Bookless, Compliance Quality Specialist, Airbnb

"Best Governance, Risk and Compliance tool on the market"

William Dougherty, VP IT & Security, Omada Health, Inc.

"ZenGRC has been a great help for managing our assessments. The system is flexible, easy to use and constantly improving with regular updates."

David Kidd, VP of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Peak 10

Before ZenGRC, we used spreadsheets and emails to manage our audits. After using ZenGRC, I'll never go back. Their Customer Success team is amazing.

Dave Zmeyr, IT Security Manager, Access Corp

"ZenGRC enabled us to start demonstrating and tracking ongoing compliance in a matter of days."

Biren Patel - Sr. Information Security Analyst, ThousandEyes