ZenGRC Risk Dashboard

Risk Management

Know your organization’s risk posture at all times—and be confident that your team can respond with speed and accuracy.

Risk scoring workflow

Built in—not bolted on

  • Developed by industry experts for end-to-end InfoSec risk and compliance management
  • Provides the tools and insight you need to achieve dynamic and strategic risk management
  • Offers actionable insights on all of your company’s risk categories, vectors, and controls
Risk heatmap

Unified processes — increases productivity

  • Replace manual, disconnected legacy systems across multiple risk categories with a convenient, secure cloud-based platform
  • Streamline collaboration across internal and external contributors and integrate with the business and InfoSec apps your team already uses
  • Customize reporting dashboards and heatmaps to generate risk reports by status, owner, and more to quickly identify and resolve key issues
Accept Risks

Simplified management — streamlines monitoring

  • Set your own risk “watch list” for automatic monitoring and receive alerts as changes occur, so teams can respond strategically and swiftly
  • Use automated workflows for accepting, transferring, remediating, and avoiding risk
  • Integrate with leading business and InfoSec collaboration apps
Risk visibility list

Increased visibility — alleviates complexity

  • Evaluate the probability and impact of key risks, establish relationships across systems, business divisions, and controls to see those connections holistically
  • Use fully customizable risk calculations with multivariable scoring, including SCF and NIST frameworks, Cyber Risk Catalog and the RISQ Management Enterprise registers, and CIS-RAM Simplified and RISQ calculation methods
  • Identify, assess, and manage your risk posture by using prebuilt dashboards and customized reporting with trend analysis

Empower your team to manage risk with confidence.

Our integrated platform provides a streamlined, efficient SaaS solution with comprehensive features and focused results.

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