Replace time consuming risk management and compliance processes

ZenGRC -- the first, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade information security solution for compliance and risk management -- offers businesses efficient control tracking, testing, and enforcement.

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ZenGRC is the SaaS remedy for legacy GRC heartburn. ZenGRC streamlines control management to provide tangible value because it speeds up audit and vendor management tracking and consolidates risk mitigation tasks. Since ZenGRC only takes 6-8 weeks to implement, you can speed compliance allowing your teams to focus on security work while saving time on mundane tasks keeping you safer.

The GRC wheel continuously spins requiring constant juggling of communication, documentation, and reconsideration. Scroll down to see how ZenGRC eases your compliance burdens.
  • Manage Audit Information Collection
  • Document Compliance Activities
  • Detect Real Time Risk
  • Prove Continuous System Monitoring
  • Communicate Across Stakeholders
  • Trace Outstanding Tasks
  • Eliminate Emails
  • Send Prewritten Vendor Assessment Surveys Aligned to PCI
  • Review Vendor Risk Assessments in Dashboard
  • Track Vendor Responses
  • Incorporate Multiple Frameworks, Standards, and Regulations
  • Map Controls Across Frameworks, Standards, and Regulations
  • Discover Compliance Gaps
  • Ensure Consistency
  • Observe Program Progress
  • Scrutinize Security Opportunities
  • Identify Control Completion

The world's leading companies use ZenGRC

"We used to spend a ton of time sending emails to manage issue tracking and resolution for audits. ZenGRC makes tracking issues incredibly simple."

Gemma Bookless, Compliance Quality Specialist, Airbnb

"Best Governance, Risk and Compliance tool on the market"

William Dougherty, VP IT & Security, Omada Health, Inc.

"ZenGRC has been a great help for managing our assessments. The system is flexible, easy to use and constantly improving with regular updates."

David Kidd, VP of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Peak 10

"Before ZenGRC, we used spreadsheets and emails to manage our audits. After using ZenGRC, I'll never go back. Their Customer Success team is amazing."

Dave Zmeyr, IT Security Manager, Access Corp

ZenGRC enabled us to start demonstrating and tracking ongoing compliance in a matter of days.

Biren Patel - Sr. Information Security Analyst, ThousandEyes