YOU CAN INNOVATE AND STAY COMPLIANT Reciprocity makes compliance work more engaging and rewarding.

Our Story

Our Story

Reciprocity was founded by Ken Lynch in 2009. Its vision: to help companies with goals that are good for society, such as improving customer privacy or our environment.

Reciprocity has been achieving this by engaging compliance departments to work more easily with their internal stakeholders and show the world that their company’s internal household is in order.

We achieve this by consumerizing our enterprise software, making it more engaging, rewarding, and user friendly. Our tools are built to help individuals better understand the greater context of their work and motivate them with the feedback that ensures that they execute well. We connect societal concerns, like privacy or environmental laws, to internal governance structures and we integrate them into an individual’s everyday workflow.

Our Mission

Reciprocity’s mission is to turn corporate compliance from a cost center into a valuable strategic asset.

We make compliance and risk officers more nimble with lightweight software designed for hot growing companies.

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Software encourages compliance, risk, and audit managers to act more nimbly and stand toe-to-toe with the fast paced world of business.

About Reciprocity
Our Story

The Reciprocity Team

Our team is mostly based in San Francisco and Slovenia, with Reciprocity GRC experts all over the country. We are musicians, artists, rock climbers, bikers, gardeners, food and wine aficionados, and technology inclined folks, all here to do our part in improving relationships in the realm of compliance.

With our collaborative environment and our smart team, we're well-armed to meet the challenges of our market head on and outpace our competition. We are shifting the realm of compliance from one of reactivity to proactivity with innovative ideas and processes, while restructuring compliance from a liability to an asset.

Reciprocity Volunteer Foundation

Our vision of reinventing the corporate world also relates to each of our team members’ life goals and personal passions.

We are all personally involved in the local and international community, donating to many causes such as health care, child welfare, and community development.

Reciprocity Volunteer Foundation is the Reciprocity community’s 501c3, engaging team members to pursue volunteerism in education.

Volunteering at Reciprocity