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How to Manage Technological Risks?

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In all sectors, technology has become a vital aspect of operations and has transformed the workplace, but that dependence on technologies also poses a threat to organizational wellbeing. Data breaches, system failures, malicious attacks–as well as natural disasters that impact technologies–can wreak havoc on company reputations, regulatory compliance and fiscal health. In some cases, the damage from these events is irreversible or long-term. A proactive strategy to mitigate tech risks are foundational aspects of operations. Your company needs such a plan that prevents, responds and continuously monitors for these risks. Monitoring and Managing Risks in Technology The adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is entirely applicable to monitoring and managing tech risks. A whole-organization system…

How To Get Compliant and Stay Agile

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how to get compliant and stay agile

Agile companies do things faster.  When you think about agile regarding lean startup model, you focus on quick wins, ruthless prioritization, external focus, and continuous improvement. At its core, agile development relies on continuous testing leading to continuous improvement.  In cybersecurity, continuous monitoring enables an agile continuous compliance stance. Agile Compliance Management What are the lean-agile development methods? Lean development means a set of principles designed to Eliminate waste Build in quality Create knowledge Defer commitment Deliver fast results Respect people Optimize the whole. By eliminating inefficient processes, companies deliver software faster. Agile development expanded on lean development, establishing twelve principles: Customer satisfaction Harnessing change for a competitive advantage Delivering working software frequently Bringing business and development departments together Supporting…