Here’s what GDPR means for your business

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The term “business as usual” takes on a whole new meaning May 25, when the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. This complex, game-changing law will mandate new ways of doing business in virtually every area of operations, from human resources to marketing, to technology and cybersecurity. In fact, according to a PwC survey, 92 percent of U.S. companies consider preparing for GDPR compliance a top priority. Is your enterprise ready? The first-ever global privacy and security law, GDPR outlines new rules—99 of them– for protecting EU citizen data. These provisions: Broaden the scope of the term “personal data”; Grant EU citizens absolute rights over their personal data, including the “right to be forgotten”; Set stringent requirements…

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Here’s Why Regulatory Compliance Is Important

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Here's Why Regulatory Compliance Is Important

The phrase regulatory compliance comes with the onomatopoetic groaning sound made by most people involved in it. Despite what many consider the drudgery of rules and pedantic details, regulatory compliance offers several benefits for companies. Why Regulatory Compliance is an Important Part of Business Today Any compliance officer will tell you that financial safety is the first benefit associated with regulatory compliance. Regulatory noncompliance costs organizations steep penalties. More importantly for the c-suite, regulatory compliance provides guidance that helps businesses succeed.  Compliance law evolved to help create parity in the marketplace while offering consumers a sense of security. Enterprises need compliance to prosper ethically. Often, however, regulatory requirements feel like a quagmire dragging down profitability. Easing compliance management burdens with…

What Is A Compliance Managers Role?

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what is a compliance manager

Compliance managers act as the C-3POs of the compliance landscape. Similar to C-3PO monitoring etiquette and protocol, compliance managers maintain a company’s legal and ethical integrity through policy planning and enforcement. What is a compliance manager? Your compliance manager, often referred to as a compliance officer, ensures your organization remains within the strict boundaries of regulatory requirements and meets all official standards governing your business. In the same way that C-3PO continually monitored protocols for the Rebellion, your compliance manager oversees all of your risk management activities. What is Compliance? Compliance means following orders and directives. In supporting these directives, compliance managers fulfill five essential functions. After identifying business risks, they design and implement controls as part of your compliance…