Security and Compliance: Steps to Activate Your Wonder Twin Powers

Written by - January 24, 2018

Security and compliance are the Wonder Twins of information security, needing each other for their powers to activate and protect you from threats.

Emily Crose: Wednesday’s Women in Infosec

Written by - January 10, 2018
Emily Crose

Emily Crose is a network security professional with a background in Intelligence and surveillance technologies. She is also an advocate for trans inclusion, including the care and education of transgender children. Her home life consists of being a wife to her wife, and co-mothering her two children. If you had to choose one event that led you to work in information security, what would it be and why?  Emily Crose: I always had a vision of myself working for the US intelligence community. In many ways it was my dream to work as a spy, but life, as it sometimes does, brought me back down to Earth with my expectations for my own future. I was going to school to…

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