119 InfoSec Experts You Should Follow On Twitter Right Now

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The H4x0rs


iOn1c – @i0n1c

 EsseriOn1c, aka Stefan Esser, is a German security researcher who developed antid0te in 2010 which was considered a more secure iOS jailbreak. In 2016, he released an app called System and Security Info which detected if a phone had been secretly jailbroken. The app was subsequently withdrawn. Mr. Esser’s Twitter account is less resharing and more original content.


The Grugq – @thegrugq

grugqAs a self-proclaimed security researcher who is known to penetrate systems, The Grugq has a business in hacking software, arranging deals with exploit brokers, and selling the information to a government agency. His posts on Medium are insightful and well written. The Gugq’s Twitter account provides exactly the perspective and musings that one would expect from a hacker extraordinaire.


David Litchfield – @dlitchfield

 litchfieldIn 2003, Mr. Litchfield was voted “Best Bug Hunter.” He has also written Oracle Forensics, The Oracle Hacker’s Handbook, The Database Hacker’s Handbook, and The Shell Coder’s Handbook. In January of 2017, he started working at Apple. Mr. Litchfield’s Twitter account is a mix of personal, information security, and humor.


Kevin Mitnick – @/kevinmitnick

 mitnickAt one point in time one of the FBI’s most wanted hackers for hacking 40 major corporations, Mr. Mitnick has turned white hat and now gets paid to penetrate security systems. Major news outlets including CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera, FOX News, CBC, BBC, and Radio Moscow are among those who seek his advice and insight on current technology events. His private security firm services AT&T, CBS, Dell, the FBI, FedEx, and Harvard among others. Mr. Mitnick’s Twitter account mixes thoughtful insights on the current state of security with irreverence.

 0xcharlie – @0xcharlie

 millerChris Miller, the live person behind 0xcharlie, has a history of iOS device hacking. Currently working as a security engineer at Uber, he was recently in the news for discussing the ability to remotely attack driverless cars. Mr. Miller’s Twitter account discusses hacking news with a focus on his own thoughts and insights.


pod2g – @pod2g

cattiauxPod2g, aka Cyril Cattiaux, currently lives in France and discovered several bootrom exploits. He has been both part of the Chronic Dev Team and the Dream Team.  He is a legend for his hacking of iOS. pod2g’s Twitter account is quieter than some others but gives updates on Jail Break Con and other news in the hacker community


iH8sn0w – @ih8sn0w

 ih8tsn0wA younger hacker with a more active Twitter account, iH8tsn0w is another iOS jailbreak hacker. iH8tsn0w’s Twitter account provides insight into the underground Canadian infosec community with articles and retweets.