119 InfoSec Experts You Should Follow On Twitter Right Now

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Published 02/21/2017


The IT Executives & Software Engineers


Ann Barron-DiCamillo – @annie_bdc


Prior to earning her Masters of Science in Computer and Information Sciences, Ms. Barron-DiCamillo was a legislative aide as well as an application developer at The Motley Fool. Since then, she has distinguished herself through work in public and private sectors. Most recently she served as Director of US-CERT at the Department of Homeland Security where she led efforts to respond to incidents and analyze threats. She is currently advisor to the cyber security medical advisory board at St. Jude Medical and vice president of cyber threat intelligence and incident response at American Express. Ms. Barron-DiCamillo’s Twitter account is a good mixture of information security issues that affect or are affected by public and private issues.

 Lesley Carhart – @hacks4pancakes

CarhartDuring her 5 years as a non-commissioned officer in charge of cyber transport for the US Air Force Reserve, Ms. Carhart also worked as  security incident response team lead for Motorola. She specializes in digital forensics, with a background in tactical communications, radio, and Cisco networking. Ms. Carhart’s Twitter account shares observations as well as information from both mainstream and non-mainstream media.


Emili Evripidou – @Emil_i


Currently working for the Cooperative Central Bank in Cyprus, Ms. Evripidou previously worked as an information security manager at Deloitte. She has also worked at Ernst & Young as well as Accenture. While at Ernst & Young and Accenture, her specialties included banking and securities, insurance, and oil and gas. Ms. Evripidou’s Twitter account focuses on the economic and business side of information security.


Cecily Joseph – @CecilyJosephCR


Serving as Symantec’s vice president of corporate responsibility, Ms. Joseph has a law degree and 20 years of building programs in ethics and compliance. She served as an expert in residence and executive faculty at Presidio Graduate School from 2012-2013 and worked at Veritas Software Corporation from 1992 through 2005. Ms. Joseph’s Twitter account focuses on diversity and environmental issues impacting the technology world.


Kelly Lum – @aloria


Possibly one of the geekiest women on the list, Ms. Lum is currently a Security Engineer at Tumblr the land of memes and fandoms. Her employment history includes work in fintech as well as military information security. She is also currently an adjunct professor at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering teaching graduate programs. Ms. Lum’s Twitter account mixes personal, political, and professional tweets while keeping her posts light and fun.


Window Snyder – @window


Having spent 5 years at Apple working on iOS and OS X security, Ms. Snyder worked at Mozilla as a “Chief Security Something-or-Other.” Her current role is as chief security officer at Fastly. She also co-authored Threat Modeling, a manual for security architecture analysis software.  Ms. Snyder’s Twitter account is selective in sharing and always interesting.


Parisa Tabriz – @laparisa


Calling herself the “Princess of Security,” Ms. Tabriz is currently the director of engineering at Google. She started as a security intern with Google in 2006 and has worked there for most of her career. She spent 2 years working at the United States Digital Service where she advised the Executive Office of the President on enhancing network security and helped assess the OCS project. Ms. Tabriz’s Twitter account shares articles that are relevant to the infosec community as well as Tweets she finds interesting.

 Sandra Toms – @sandra001


Since 1998, Ms. Toms has been the VP and curator of the RSA Conference. After earning her juris doctorate and passing the bar exam, she went on to work with at a law firm, then moving on to Novell, Madge Networks, and Nortel Networks. Ms. Toms’s Twitter account focuses on information relevant to the RSA Conference.


Tony Arcieri – @bascule


In November 2016, Mr. Arcieri moved from Square to become a Software Engineer at Chain, an infrastructure tech company with a focus on financial asset transactions on permissioned blockchain networks. He previously worked as a software engineer for LivingSocial, Strobe, Inc., and Nagravision. Mr. Arcieri’s Twitter account shares insightful articles not just from mainstream infosec websites but also from bloggers that might not be found through traditional reading.

 Caleb Barlow – @calebbarlow


As the vice president at IBM Security, Mr. Barlow is a leading voice in IBM’s new security headquarters and in completing the overhaul of the operations watch floor. He is an advisory board member for the United Nations Population Fund, a global social media campaign to spread awareness of population growth. Mr. Barlow’s Twitter account is an example of his appreciation for and use of social media.


Michael Coates – @_mwc


As the chief information security officer at Twitter, Mr. Coates is definitely a Twitter account to follow. In addition, he is the former chairman and current member of the global board of directors for OWASP. He is also one of the brains behind making Mozilla Firefox one of the most secured web browsers having led the security assurance program from 2010-2013. Mr. Coates’ Twitter account is a destination for reading responses on Twitter from other InfoSec professionals who share experiences and ideas.

 Cesar Cerrudo – @cesarcer

 CerrudoWhen IOActive Labs acquired Argeniss Consulting, Mr. Cerrudo followed the company he had founded. As CTO for IOActive Labs, he acts as the main liaison between IOActive and CERT. He leads cutting edge research on Industrial Control Systems/SCADA, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things and software and mobile device security. Mr. Cerrudo’s Twitter account focuses on his insights on the InfoSec issues facing the IT community as well as sharing content.


E.J. Hilbert – @ejhilbert

hilbertCurrently the director of cyber security and privacy at PwC, Mr. Hilbert’s experience includes working with the FBI as well as being the director of security enforcement for MySpace.com. He led one of the FBI’s largest cyber-crime investigations and serves as an online undercover agent using social media sites and chatrooms. Mr. Hilbert’s Twitter account discusses his opinions on the societal impacts of hacking and includes general news items.


Alex Ionescu – @aionescu

 ionescuWith over 15 years of experience in Windows Internals and kernal programming, Mr. Ionescu also has 5 years experience in ARM Embedded Hardware and Kernel Development as part of the iOS team. Being able to cross over between platforms makes him an expert on the overall technology landscape. As the vice president of EDR strategy at CrowdStrike, Mr. Ionescu’s current work focuses on new security-related technologies, and he continues to offer OS internals support. Mr. Ionescu’s Twitter account focuses heavily on technical security discussions and his own ideas.

 Adam Langley – @agl__

langley Mr. Langley is a Google employee who also hosts his own active blog about computer programming. His blog focuses on various issues surrounding cryptography. Mr. Langley’s Twitter account shares technical content about cryptology.



Avram Marius Gabriel – @securityshell

 gabrielMr. Gabriel earned numerous honors over the course of his career. These includes the PayPal Wall of Fame, Google Security Hall of Fame, Facebook White Hat, and Microsoft Security Researcher Acknowledgements. Mr. Gabriel’s Twitter account aggregates articles that expose security risks.


John Oberheide – @jonoberheide

 oberheideAs the founder and CTO of Duo Security, Mr. Oberheide is an expert executive in information safety. Duo Security is used by over 5,000 organizations including 3 of 5 top social networks to integrate dual authentication. Additionally, he holds a PhD from the University of Michigan. Mr. Oberheide’s Twitter account shares some Duo information but focuses on various information security insights.


Martin Roesch – @mroesch

 roeschAfter Mr. Roesch’s company Sourcefire was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2013, he was made vice president and chief architect of Cisco’s Security Business Group. He has developed products for GTE Internetworking, Stanford Telecommunications, Inc., and the US Department of Defense. New sources such as MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, CNET, ZDNet, and Scientific American have interviewed him. Mr. Roesch’s Twitter account is active with discussions, retweets, and information shares.

 Chris Valasek – @nudehaberdasher

valasek Since September 2015, Mr. Valasek has been the security lead at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center. Prior to this, he worked as the director of vehicle security research at IOActive, Inc, and as senior security research scientist for Coverity and Accuvant. In addition, Mr. Valasek published “Windows 8 Heap Internals” for Black Hat USA 2012.  Mr. Valasek’s Twitter account is a combination of Pittsburgh sports and IT posts.


Lenny Zeltser – @lennyzeltser

 zeltserWith an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from MIT, Mr. Zeltser runs the gamut of technology and business education and experience. Currently the director of security solution management at NCR Corporation, he oversees product managers and engineers to provide customer satisfaction. He is also a SANS Institute Senior Faculty member as well as a member of the board of directors at SANS Institute. Mr. Zeltser’s Twitter account curates content unique to his perspective.